9X1 SDI Multiview Split Processor # JC-SP901

9X1 SDI Multiview Split Processor


Model NO.: JC-SP901

  1. Functional Description

This product support multi-screen display, multi-picture superposition, picture-in-picture, picture-out and other special display control and multi-channel SDI signal for single-screen 9-segment display; support image window arbitrary stretching. Support HD/3G SDI video input, resolution supports 720p to 1080p. 


  1. Main Features
  1. High-speed FPGA enable full digital, lossless and seamless video switching and picture segmentation.
  2. Automatically recognize input signals and configure various display modes.
  3. Built-in automatic equalization, the picture is clear and stable.
  4. Built-in lightning protection tube and ESD protection circuit can effectively prevent lightning and anti-static.
  5. On-site installation: simple and convenient, plug and play, no need to set.
  6. Support RS232 serial port, Ethernet two control methods.
  7. Support for displaying multiple display modes.
  8. Support for power-off memory function.
  9. Support seamless switching.


  1. Advantage
  • Powerful host computer

The upper computer control mode of the picture splitter mainly adopts RS232 serial port and Ethernet. It has the functions of comprehensive functions, simple and intuitive operation, WYSIWYG, and ready-to-use features.


  • Powerful data computing capabilities

Data parallel processing, the output port occupies one channel, the data bandwidth of each channel reaches 4.95GHz/s, which can fully satisfy the high-resolution display of single output 1080p@60Hz (148.5MHz). The high-speed motion picture has no tear, no frame loss, no image catching phenomenon. The internal signal of the image segmentation controller is multi-channel parallel synchronous processing. The data bandwidth of each channel reaches 4.95GHz/s, and each output port occupies one channel. All image windows can be displayed smoothly in real time without any image delay, frame loss and asynchronous. The resulting image tearing and other phenomena.



  • Pure hardware architecture

With pure hardware architecture, no operating system, no board-type processor crash, blue screen and virus trouble, no system crash risk, continuous work throughout the year, startup time is less than 30 seconds. A single device supports up to 9 inputs and supports multiple cascades.


  • Ultra low power consumption

The main chip is designed with FPGA, and the maximum power consumption of the whole board does not exceed 7W (main board power consumption 12V@0.6A). Compared to other TV chip splicing solutions (about 40W) program. This picture splitter has ultra-low power consumption, energy saving, long service life and superior stability.


  • Extremely high cost performance

Independent research and development production, components are high temperature resistant, long life devices, eliminating the need for intermediate links, and a very high cost performance. Compared with the design of the screen splitter and the blade industrial control chassis of the sub-board in the market, we adopt the single-board integrated multi-channel scheme, which has the characteristics of simple design and long service life.


  1. Specification



SDI input

Input port


Pixel clock


Input Resolution

576x480@60Hz ~ 1920x1080@60Hz

Color Depth

24bit(1677million colors)

Zoom and Display


Image Control    

move, stretch, overlay, etc

HDMI output

Output port


Output Resolution  

1920x1080@60Hz, 1920x1080@50Hz, 1920x1080@30Hz, 1280x720@60Hz

Color Depth

24bit(1677million colors)

Zoom and Display


SDI Output

Output port  


Output format


Output Resolution


Output refresh rate

30Hz 、50Hz 、60Hz

Color Depth

24bit(1677million colors)

Control port

RS232, Ethernet

Control software

Professional picture splitter PC control software

Electrical characteristics

Input voltage: single-phase AC 220V@50Hz

Power consumption

Max 7W


L 440mm*W240mm*H43mm


  1. Panel key operation

① Infrared receiver head to support remote control.

② Status indicator, if the machine is normal, the lamp flashes.

By pressing the corresponding function button, you can switch the following picture modes③ 1 to 9 single screen mode.

④ 9 pictures mode.

⑤ Customize the schema.。

⑥ Output resolution switching

⑦ Reserved mode.


  1. Software control method

The computer can configure the SDI Processor in real time through RS232 serial port or Ethernet, the PC software control and set up the SDI processor in real time , and let the commonly used picture mode into the SDI Processor . Software features are comprehensive, easy to use, what you see is what you get.


  1. Connect the Computer over Ethernet

Select the network card that connected to the device, click "search", if you search the device, then display "device 1", double-click "device 1", set the device IP and computer IP as the same segment, click “OK, and then click set mode”. The machine can be operated.


  1. Connect the Computer over RS232

Select the serial port number to connect to the device, click on "set mode", you can operate the SDI Processor.



Operation instructions for PC Control Software Interface of 9-Channel SDI Processor

  1. 1.Open the software
  2. 2.Display as below picture


  1. 3.Select the Mode Which one you connect

  1. 4.Searching the SDI signal :

Clicking the search button, the software automatically searches the splitter device and displays its device name and network IP address to the window. Click on the device name left of the small box, will appear a hook, indicating that the device has been selected, the following software is used.

  1. 5. Setting the Scene Mode :

The splitter can set up 4 scenarios, click the red arrow scene button to select the appropriate scene, then click the image mode of the green arrow, and the window on the right will show the selected image mode. Finally click on the yellow arrow settings button to complete the image settings. When set, the right window displays the setting status, indicating whether the current setting operation is successful.

A custom mode can be set in the red box, which is used to save any mode other than the usual one. Users in the right window to adjust the image of each channel with the mouse, after adjustment can be saved to custom mode.

  1. 6.Setting the Resolution

You can set 4 resolutions, 1920x1080P60, 1920x1080P50, 1920x1080P30, 1280x720P60. Select the resolution and click the settings button on the right to complete the setup.













  1. Setting the Resolution

You can set 4 resolutions, 1920x1080P60, 1920x1080P50, 1920x1080P30, 1280x720P60. Select the resolution and click the settings button on the right to complete the setup.


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