1080p@60hz 16 HDMI in and 16HDMI out, 16X16 full HD HDMI Matrix 

Chapter 1: Introduction

HDMI matrix switcher is a professional switching device which embedded and intelligent control. It is used to synchronously or asynchronously switch inputs to any outputs of audio and video.


With the unique process mode, the switching speed of the device is greatly improved. The flexible control mode, it has the long life key panel operation, large screen shows all kinds of information, provide the RS – 232 standard communication interface, convenient for users with a variety of remote control devices (such as Crestron, AMX, CREATOR, etc.), and also with an infrared remote-control device (optional).


HDMI matrix switcher is mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, TV teaching, command and control center, etc.


1.1 Functional Characteristics

  1. 19-inch standard chassis, full plug-in design, free expansion.
  2. It is compatible with all HDTV resolutions including 1080p/60 and PC with up to 1920*1200.
  3. Long line input automatic equalization - ensures independent automatic compensation for each input due to long distance transmission or loss of signal from low quality village.
  4. HDMI 1.3a, HDCP 1.3, HDCP 1.4, and DVI 1.0 protocol can be supported in this device, also the high color depth and up to 6.75Gbps speed can be supported as well.
  5. HDCP compatibility - ensure the content of protected media can properly display interoperability with other HDCP compatible devices.
  6. The switch function of built-in wheel can set the interval time and channel arbitrarily.
  7. Built-in 32 group scene storage function, it can save 32 kinds of commonly used model or a specific model on the device; when using can be called directly.
  8. Code and instructions of all similar products in the market can be coordinated.
  9. Multiple code formats to meet the needs of different industries and customers, more flexible, more human, and more convenient.
  10. Various control modes: panel, central control, computer software, TCP/IP, splicing software, third-party software, etc.
  11. Computer software is equipped with a channel name definition, more intuitive.
  12. Compatible with all control systems on the market, increased the input and output channel, make the programming more efficient, easier and more flexible.
  13. With a channel network interface, it can be remotely controlled by Ethernet and support multiple users at the same time (optional).
  14. It has 2 RS-232 communication interfaces; Support to transfer from RS-232 to RS-485 communication interface.
  15. Double serial port makes it easier and faster to connect with large screen.
  16. Ultrafast command receiving and switching speed, and zero delay receiving instruction up to 64.
  17. Open control protocol and protocol standard, it supports the third party and customers’ self-development software to control.
  18. It can set the ID address to achieve multi-machine cascade, maximum can cascade 255 matrixes.
  19. High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability.
  20. Key control: the key on the front panel of the device can control all movements of the matrix.
  21. Remote control: the device is equipped with a remote control and uses it to control all movements of the matrix.
  22. RS-232/485 control: the matrix is connected to the computer by the RS-232/485, and it is possible to fully control all the actions of the matrix by installing the control matrix special management software on the computer.
  23. Splicing software control: in a large screen splicing system, all actions of the matrix can be manipulated through a large screen splicing software.
  24. Touch screen control: the touch screen transfers data and instructions to the matrix via WIFI, and then controls all movements of the matrix (optional).
  25. Central control: matrix switcher is compatible with other manufacturers' codes and instructions, using the central controller to manipulate the action of the matrix (optional).
  26. Network control: control management function through TCP/IP network, and control all actions of matrix through Ethernet (optional).



Chapter 2: Diagram of Matrix switcher

The front panel of HDMI matrix switcher is same, but the back panel has some different with port and number. The following diagrams show the front Panel of HDMI0808 and HDMI1616, others model can refer to this diagram.


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